The 1960s.1st Gear

The United Street RacersĀ®

Starting back in the 1960′s a group from Passaic N.J during the height of the MUSCLE CAR era, and no one old enough to even drive knew that behind the handlebars of there STING-RAY bikes they would someday rule the street of N.J with pure passion and American muscle.


At the age of 16 who would think that Detroit was to hand us Hemi Cuda’s, Shelby Mustangs, motion Camaro’s, and what ever pure horsepower they would make available would soon be ours to rock and roll.
Into the 1970s is where the real BROTHERHOOD bond begins. Starting off with just talking about cars no one looked at color or creed it was just WHOM had the fastest car or bike. It was so deep we raced SNEAKERS on Summer Street in Passaic N.J when are cars were in FIX UP mode. Who was coming around the corner next? and in what car?

Chris Adamo Sr, nd his Dragster. This goes to show you our forefathers were racing before we knew what racings was. Big Daddy Garland,Dick Landy, Socks and Martin, The Snake,

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